Aluminum is an amazing – almost magical – print medium. Images printed on aluminum are incredibly vibrant, but in addition, with some styles of Aluminum prints, the picture literally comes to life when looked at from certain positions. This popping out effect, for want of a better term, is why I love this medium and I am still frequently taken aback in wonder by the aluminum prints I own. Aluminum prints can be made either by direct printing or via a process called Dye Sublimation which can result in multiple types of finish on the metal. I’ve sampled many different styles of aluminum prints & finishes and have selected 2 types to print my artwork:

1) Direct Aluminum Print – these prints are bright and have very high resolution, The image is directly printed onto the metal and is very smooth,. The surface has the appearance of marble . The print is composed of a single sheet of Aluminum with a wooden bracket bonded on the back with an attached hanging wire – this gives the impression the the print is floating when hung. Prints are waterproof and fingerprint resistant and printed using archival ink for long life. The maximum size of Direct Aluminum Prints is 40″ X 60″.

2)  Frame Backed Aluminum Prints. These prints are generated via the dye-sublimation process and have 3/4″ satin black backing onto which the aluminum is attached. This gives the print a more substantive look. The backing is light but provides rigidity to the print – it is also is flush with the print and as such does not detract from the image.  We offer Frame Backed Aluminum prints with a satin finish which has an appearance in between glossy and mat. The texture of the print gives depth to the image and especially for the larger prints, people often comment that the print is so realistic that they feel as if they could walk into the image. All prints are made on aircraft grade aluminum and are extremely durable in addition to being fingerprint resistant. We offer frame backed aluminum prints in various sizing options up to 48″ X 72″.

Split Frame Backed Aluminum Print (Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, 1619 AD)